Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Conservatives Are Freaking Out the Conservatives, or . . . Ya Just Gotta Love It

Ever since I found out, after four or five years of marriage, that my second (and last) husband was a hard-core bible-thumping gay-bashing save-the-fetus-ignore-the-child conservative (hey! it just had never come up before then——don't judge what you haven't lived), I learned that, as a tree-hugging crystal-light-twinkie pro-choice live-and-let-live liberal, I should keep my mouth shut. It was an ugly fight. Not to mention the beginning of the end.

Then, a decade later, this administration lied, cheated, and stole its way into power (and it *is* about power——the currency may not be what you expect, but it *is* about power) and started adjusting and interpreting and creating laws they way they saw fit and people who disagreed suddenly found themselves condemned, accused of treason, and it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of them (the invisible people——and that's another entry) were flat-out disenfranchised.

Well, looks like Katrina has put a new spin on this administration (actually, it's not new——we just can't ignore that emperor is naked any longer). Finally. I'm not a Condy fan, but I tend to agree with her this time: the administration's reaction (or lack thereof) to the Katrina disaster (and I'm not limiting this to the Big Easy) had nothing to do with race.

You read that right. Nothing. To. Do. With. Race.

He just didn't give a damn. Period. There will always be millions of poor, sick, dying, etc., and those that might be lost in a disaster such as Katrina will be readily replaced by others. They were the faceless stinking masses and will continue to be such. Our leader is compassion-less.

You can bet your last quarter (if, after trying to pay for your fuel, you *have* a quarter——and don't think it's misunderstand why he took so long to do anything about *that* little problem——lining the pockets, especially so late in term, is common) ——you can bet your last quarter that if the storm had hit the grand State of Texas or *any*place heavily populated with the rich and famous, there would have been a much different, much more hasty and effective reaction.

And (forgive me if I chuckle a bit here) the general everyday Bush-supporting conservative is freaking out. His behavior is that overt. Our leader and his cronies got so cocky they figured they could do anything——after all, up till now, they have.

This administration is rapidly becoming an embarrassment to those holding the strings. It'll soon be ok to disagree. In fact, it'll be the new vogue. You watch.

Just keep in mind as things develop that those in charge will always do what it takes to keep the population in line, be it religion, ignoring a crisis, ignoring the laws—you can figure it out from here . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT first paragraph! You and I will never agree politically, but I do think you can express yourself!

Be my Priestess of Anger and Temptation.

9/15/05, 6:27 PM  
Blogger p-dub said...

ROFL! I ain't through yet!

9/16/05, 12:33 PM  

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