Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

Take a look at the last post and you'll see how long I've been sick. And I'm still sick. BUT MUCH BETTER. Three different antibiotics later, lots of sudaphed, guafenisin, sugar-free cough drops, ibuprofen, and vaporizer additive, I'm still alive.

And my ears are still plugged up. But I'm beginning to hear again and I'm finding out first hand (instead of from friends) just how loud I'd set the TV, the stereo, and radio alarm. And my poor little granddaughter is no longer as frustrated as she was. She, too, got just as weary of me asking her to repeat herself as I was tired of asking.

And, wonder of all wonders, I'm beginning to wake up with a little energy. I'm wiped by the end of the day, sure, but I'm beginning to think that exhaustion, at least on my part, is subjective.

There's nothing quite like slogging through each day after little to no sleep and exhausted from being sick itself to make you appreciate the relatively low level of fatigue experienced before the affliction.

And, my usual level of cranky is returning. Sure, I was cranky while I was sick, but it was a whiny, please-somebody-either-shoot-me-or-make-me-better cranky. And mostly because I was so sick for so damned long. It wasn't my usual caustic, self-righteous, elitist, who-made-YOU-gawd bitchiness. While in the throes of sinus anguish, I simply did not have the energy to maintain that level of belligerence.

I have some friends that, while I recall this from a fog-enshrouded brain, brought in wood and built fires, and brought turkey soup and chowders and paid attention to my animals cuz it was all I could do to take care of me and the kid. Dunno what would've happened if they hadn't come in now and then.

I was pretty worthless at work. It's a good thing my co-workers and my supervisor understood. The year has started out rough enough without losing *this* job.

I think I'm gonna survive.


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