Monday, April 17, 2006

Was That a Sigh of Relief?

Well, folks, we found her. A little rough around the edges, a little dirtier for the wear, and a health issue we'll be dealing with for a while (one that's personal, even for a bitty girl).

BUT SHE'S HOME! Flying from Albuquerque to Phoenix to Omaha, then jumping into a rented minivan (thanks, Thrifty, for that appreciated upgrade!) to drive seven hours to meet with the attorney in Fargo, then another hour to attend a court hearing; then THANK GAWD! seeing her again, and holding her, and smelling her little-kid hair, and checking out every part and parcel of her for damage and holding her some more . . .

Then the long drive back in the biggest and worst rain storm I've EVER encountered and watching her excited face as we got on the plane in Omaha, and her grin and white-knuckled grip on the arm rests as the plane went fast and fast and loud and loud and up and up and oh! Look Nana! The clouds!

She's home and all the people who love her are loving her. And she's happy. And we're happy.

One more hearing, we hope. Just one more. And we can take the first step to making this permanent.

Thanks to all for the emnotional support, the financial support, and all the prayers to all the deities. Every last one of 'em helped.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Chuckles

5/28/06, 10:23 PM  

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