Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yeah, you read that right: -*poof*-

That's what appears to have happened to Bre's mother. Had some minor issues with visitation; she didn't seem to understand the English the judge spoke quite plainly three times about how she had to be under a doctor's care and taking her meds and have a place to live before she could start unsupervised visits. When my attorney finally got it through to her (after an illegal attempt at a visit), she just -- -*poof*-ed. Vanished. No calls, no visits, not even a stinking flower.

She didn't show up for court-ordered mediation (which I thought was a pretty lousy idea anyway, but the judge doesn't know Bre's mother).

Monday, August 7 is our next hearing. Wonder what will happen when she doesn't show for that.

...Course I know better than to even be thinking along those lines. She manages to surprise us all once in a while. She'll probably show up just for the aggravation factor. 'Course what she doesn't get is that most judges don't like aggravation.

This could get interesting . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...Have you ever sat back and thought deeply about why Bre's mother is the way she is. Not like her upbringing was ideal...Almost like the pot calling the kettle black with the exception you stuck around to make sure her head was messed up. Shall we start with the excessive drug use? Or maybe the filthy house? How about the sexual abuse that happened with our step father with them and myself..oh wait your trying to pin that on me. Or the beating with what ever object u could put your hands on might have played in a few factors there ....just sayin

How a mother can hate her child is beyind me you are definately your mother's child Patti especially since your the catylist to the cause.

Your loving sister

11/26/10, 2:07 PM  

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