Monday, February 20, 2006

Help Find Breanna!!

Promised link is in the sidebar: "Help Find Breanna!"

We've hired a private dick and a lawyer and lots of people are working furiously to find her.

It's getting very expensive, and I may put a PalPal Donations button on Breanna's page.

We miss her.

This is painful.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Abject Terror

To anybody who might read this and wonder why the silence:

My daughter has skipped town with my granddaughter.

I am frantic. The family is frantic. Family friends are frantic. Even her sitter is frantic.

She went to Minnesota. My daugher took a little girl who, at the time of the "abduction," was dressed for NEW MEXICO to BLOODY MINNESOTA. She went from 40-60 degree weather to BLOODY 17-MINUS 7 degrees. And she did it on her birthday. Ripped her from all she knows in one hateful and vitriolic act of retaliation. (My daughter really and truly hates me -- but certainly not as much as I do her now.)

There will be a web site. I will post the link here once it's set up. We need to find my granddaughter. There's several VERY GOOD REASONS why she lived with me. The above paragraph should be enough illustration of why my granddaughter lived with me.

And, if something has happened to her, I *will* be visiting all those agencies who claim to protect kids. With summonses. To court. Where they *will* explain.

In the meantime -- help us find her!!!

Link in next post.