Tuesday, June 16, 2009

... One Door Opens

June 6, our family opened our arms to Izzy. No, she won't replace Mister Saavik. Nobody or no thing can replace Mister Saavik. She was my love and my familiar and was with me through my darkest times. She was cranky, but adored me without reservation. After all, I was the bringer of all things good!

Izzy is Izzy and she's precious and has the most tender voice. She's young enough to play (Saavik had relegated her play time to the occasional round of rocket cat). She's shy but very loving once she realizes you won't hurt her. (And she has a profound respect for the Bringer of All Things Good!)

And, although thoughts and melancholy moments of Saavik will continue to creep into my heart, Izzy helps make them hurt a little less and brightens my day.

Thanks to my friend, Mrs. Troll, for introducing us to Izzy!